A new article has appeared on the Steamworks services documentation site – Steam Cloud Play. In it, Valve says that it is launching a beta test of the Steam Cloud Play service, which provides Steam users with access to cloud gaming sites. According to hermitgamer gaming news, the first cloud service that connects directly to Steam will be GeForce NOW. Steam residents will need to download the NOW client and connect their “steam” account to it, after which you can launch the contents of the library in the “cloud”. In order to play other games through NOW, users must purchase them in the Steam store – just like they do now on regular PCs. Games from Steam get into GeForce NOW when the developer signs an additional agreement and puts a special checkmark for each of his games. In addition, in games, there must be support for cloud saving (at least through Steam, at least through other analogues): users constantly get to different virtual machines, so unique local files are lost. So, you need to transfer them using cloud storage. Other actions will not be needed – if a game has problems with the cloud, the developer will be contacted separately.

Housing UK

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demand for high quality, affordable and eco-friendly

housing is at an all time high in the private and public sectors. Our

solution is simple.


Using the latest in construction technology and by way of infill,

demolition and the clearance of under-utilised sites, we strive to

maximise housing numbers on existing estates at a minimal cost and

with the promise of environmental protection and sustainability.


Social/Affordable/FTB Housing


Emergency Housing


Extra-care Housing


Special Projects

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