Social / Affordable / FTB housing

Volumetric housing could be a probable answer for the UK’s housing shortage.
House types could be designed to meet minimum living standards, for national use, but external finishes could be finished to meet local planning requirements .

Social Housing – local authority/RSL, existing M&E designs could be incorporated to assist existing maintenance teams to manage the stock.

How could Local Authorities Assist:

a. Provide land.

b. Take advantage of good market returns on the land whilst meeting housing needs, how can this be done:

Housing can be sold at market value. To make it affordable the housing can be offered using various formulas:

The buyer could by the house only and rent the land.

The buyer could by a % equity.

With both options above the land owner would take advantage of market values.

These are tradable and if the landowner wants to see a Capital Receipt on day 1 or sell on a future date if a Capital Receipt is required.
The land remains with the LA ownership long term, enjoying normal land value appreciation.
The housing increase in value by a fixed % ensuing that it remains affordable long term.